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Candidate Statement

Dennis Gregory

Dennis Gregory

I am running again for my second term for the LHS Board of Trustees. I have served on the board for the last two years as the Treasurer. Being liaison to Security also the Finance and Insurance Committees. Was a former chairperson to finance and insurance before joining the board.

My career was with Gulf Oil/Cumberland Farms for over 30 years as District Manager. During my employment with this job is where my interests to finances started. Along with the finance committee, we were able to maintain the budget. I introduced the stock market to the community, which to date it has risen to $78,000 additional income. Being liaison to security, the committee was able to install several cameras throughout the community for their safety. Also reviewing the revitalization of the community pool.

I have enjoyed being a member of the LHS Board of Trustees to help improve and make positive changes to insure the independence of our community. I have also enjoyed taking the time to speak to the residents to hear their concerns, ideas and suggestions. We were faced with many challenges during the pandemic but working through them with my fellow board members these challenges were overcome and our community came out on top! I would really appreciate your vote in November.

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