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Candidate Statement

Peggy Comfort

Peggy Comfort

I moved into Lions Head South in 2012 and have been involved by being a member of the Recreation Committee, treasurer for ACC and a member of the Lions Head County Club – WGA.

I was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees in November 2020 and began my two-year term in January 2021. I found this opportunity, while time consuming, to be rewarding as I learned so much about all that is involved in keeping our community running smoothly while looking out for the best interests of our residents. Since joining the Board of Trustees, I have served as Assistant Treasurer, Secretary to the Board, liaison to the Country Club, Community Awareness, ACC and most recently served as the final chairperson for our 40th Anniversary Celebration.

My professional experience includes over 25 years as a social worker serving as director of transitional housing programs for homeless women and children. My family instilled in me the importance of giving back and after retiring in April 2020 I was fortunate to continue to be able to give back by serving on our Board of Trustees.

I would like to continue as a Trustee to work on the various projects I have been involved working on with the Board of Trustees. I believe the experience I have gained will benefit our community if I am elected to serve another two-year term.

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