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Candidate Statement

Tim Martin

Tim Martin

I have been an owner at Lions Head South since 2018. My wife Vicki and I spent the better part of a year renovating and updating the house prior to moving in while I was still working.

I retired in June of 2019 and we moved in in July. We love the community and the neighbors as everyone is so friendly.

I am presently the temporary treasure of the Men’s Club. The responsibilities consist of collecting monies and making deposits and preparing checks for any and all disbursements. I also keep detailed records of all transactions.

Although I am not a licensed engineer. I spent the bulk of my career working closely with engineers designing industrial piping systems for oil refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical companies and nuclear facilities. My duties also included soliciting bid proposals from contractors. I would review the proposals with the owners in order to obtain the right contractor for each project.

I also designed plumbing and HVAC piping systems for three Atlantic City Casinos and many office buildings located throughout the state.

The last 17 years of my career I was employed as a project manager for a mechanical contractor. I would attend bid meetings, prepare detailed bid proposals, purchase materials and work with field personnel to assure the proper completion of many projects in a timely manner.

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