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Dot and Frank

Dot and Frank

Dot and Frank Berardinelli moved into 4 Garland Drive on 12/2/1986 from Millington in Morris County. Like many others, they were retiring and wanted to downsize. They had a second home in Seaside Park and were familiar with the area - their sons were lifeguards - when friends, Mitch and Gloria Venezia moved into 87 Lauren Lane. They came to visit them and went to the sales office. A lot on Garland had opened up and with $50 down, they had two weeks to make a final decision. They chose the Hawthorne and were very happy with their purchase.

Dot recalls “you couldn’t touch a leaf or a branch” in the yard because of the rules and regulations and “no one complained about it.” “Everyone was more than happy to help other people” and “that being a part of a community is to work together” she added. As a member of the Garden Club “we used to dig out extra trees on people’s yards and replant near the bocce court or wherever” so a landscaper wouldn’t have to be hired.

“I never laughed so hard” Dot recalls at the “Mock” wedding Spring fundraiser - the “best event in all my 86 years” so much so that her stomach hurt at the end of the evening. Dot was also president of WGA in ‘98 and ‘99 and the only woman President of the LHCC from 2000-2003 when the Association took over the club (they used to have 400 members that included LHS and LHN). Besides that, she was Chairperson of Community Awareness and worked with three mayors.

Her reflection of the past years, “I’ve loved every minute that I’ve lived here and I just want people to know this is a great place and what you put into it - is what you will get out of it - you have to make an effort too!”

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