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Library Club (2024)


  • Janet Pedersen, Chair

  • MaryAnn Blicharz

  • Diane Chapin

  • Lucy Coburn

  • Beth Comandini

  • Carol Contini

  • Judy Conway

  • Kathy Erario

  • Barbara Garrabrant

  • Lorna McGarry

  • Sandy Mount

  • Dee Romani

  • Rose Selinski

  • Sue Wiss

LHS Library Committee 2021.JPG
Committee members (L-R) Carol Contini, Janet Pedersen (chairperson), Rose Selinski, Marjorie Kennedy, Dee Dee Romani, Judy Conway, Lori Bigley, Sara Millard, Lucy Coburn. Not in photo - Lorna McGarry & Sandy Mount

All Lions Head South residents are enthusiastically invited to take advantage of the large and varied selection of books of various genres, large print books, cookbooks, Reader’s Digest condensed books, audio books, movie DVD’s, magazines, periodicals and jigsaw puzzles offered in our clubhouse library.

Our hardcover and paperback books are labeled and combined in separate sections of the library shelves to facilitate your search. All mystery stories have a green dot on the spine, fiction is designated by an orange dot. Biographies have blue dots and non-fiction have a yellow dot on the spines. Our most valued section of large print books have white dots with an extra white “LP” sticker on each spine. We also offer an ‘Amish Story’ section designated by purple dots. Each dot contains the first three initials of the author’s last name and the last two digits of the copyright year to help you find your selection.

Also distributed among the library shelves you will find a varied selection of jigsaw puzzles, audio books, movie DVD’s, recent magazines, periodicals and cookbooks.

Additional magazines can be found in the woven basket on the fireplace hearth.

There also is a ‘new arrivals’ section located on the sofa table to the left of the fireplace which contains the newest additions to our collection.

All of these items can be borrowed at any time for as long as you wish without the need to sign anything out. Our LHS library is completely on the honor system. We only ask that all items are returned in a timely manner and in the same condition they were taken (in the case of audio books and movie DVD’s, please be sure to return all discs involved with each item and of course all jigsaw puzzle pieces).

If you would like to donate items for others to benefit from, please remember that due to limited space, we can only accept books whose copyright dates fall within a current 10-year period. In other words, please check the first few pages of your donations prior to drop off and only give us those books whose copyright date falls between 2013 through 2023. As for donations of audio books, we will accept older versions of these, but only in CD form. No cassette audio books please. Current magazines of any type are accepted as well, but please nothing older than three months of time of donation.

Call Janet Pedersen, using the cell number listed in the LHS directory, to arrange for large donations.

The library staff invite you take the time to enjoy our wonderful Lions Head South Library which is open between 8:30 am and 10 pm every day.

Happy reading!

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