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LHS Security Committee - January 2023 Meeting notes - UPDATED

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Officer Finelli was the guest speaker at the January Security Committee meeting, addressing issues raised by residents and noted the following Brick Township motor vehicle violations which residents should be aware of.

  • Parking the wrong way on a municipal street

  • Parking less than 10 feet from a Fire Hydrant

  • Parking less than 50 feet from a Stop Sign (State law)

  • No blocking of sidewalks

The above violations can be reported to the Brick Non-Emergency #732-262-1100, opt 1. An officer will be dispatched and the violator will receive a gentle warning.

Officer Finelli addressed the speeding issue in LHS (25 MPH is the limit). A recent speed watch performed by Brick Police found most of the violators were residents.

Officer Finelli also wanted to remind residents to secure their cars and property, keep outdoor lighting on all night, and to keep their cars locked.

As a result of the presentation by Officer Finelli, the Security Committee released the following notice.



Due to an increase in reported violations, the Brick Township Police Department has advised they will begin to enforce the following violations in 2023, occurring in our community:

SPEEDING – Monitoring of speeders began in January and all violators will be ticketed and fined (NJ State Law).

WRONG WAY PARKING – Parked cars MUST face the direction of traffic (Brick Township Ordinance).

BLOCKING SIDEWALKS - Vehicles CANNOT block the sidewalks (Brick Township Ordinance).

FIRE HYDRANT / STOP SIGN - Parking too close to a fire hydrant or Stop Sign (Brick Township Ordinance).

CIGARETTE BUTTS - Discarding cigarette butts on street or sidewalk – this is considered LITTERING and will be fined (Brick Township Ordinance).

DOG WASTE - MUST be picked up and disposed of properly (Brick Township Ordinance).

Regarding cigarette butts and dog waste, as stated on the LHS robocall, many people now have cameras in front and around their house. Save yourself the embarrassment of being identified as a violator by adhering to the Brick Township Ordinances.


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