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November Scramble Results

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The following are the results for the November 8th golf scramble.

1st Place Team: Lee Scaturro, Joe Bill, Tom Rizzo and Bill Bagley

2nd Place Team: Marge Kennedy, Tony Bruzaitis, Jack Cummings and Al Levenelm

3rd Place Team: Lee Bruzaitis, Ed Gregersen, Bob Tillman and Gerry Byrnes

Individual awards are as follows:

Closest to the Pin Men - Hole #1 Tony Bruzaitis

Closest to the Line Women - Hole #3 Marcene Talty

Closes to the Pin Men - Hole #4 Tom Ahern

Closest to the Pin Women - Hole #4 Marge Kennedy

Closest to the Line Women - Hole #5 Lee Scaturro

Closest to the Line Men - Hole #5 Jack Cummings

Congratulations to all our winners.


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