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ROBOCALL - 1/29/23

First, an important message from the Security Committee: Please be advised that, due to an increase in reported violations, the Brick Township Police Department will begin to enforce the following vehicle NJ State violations in our community: Driving faster than the posted 25mph speed limit, parking against the direction of traffic, blocking sidewalks and parking too close to a stop sign or fire hydrant. In addition, violators will also be ticketed for Brick Township ordinances, including failure to properly dispose of cigarette butts and failure to pick up after their dogs. Please save yourself the embarrassment of being identified as a violator by adhering to these laws and ordinances. See our Lions Head South website for more information from the Security Committee.

From Carol Powell: Articles for the March edition of the Lions Pride are due no later than Monday, February 6th. Please check page two in the current edition of the Pride for the correct email address.

From Bob Pedersen: Men’s Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 11:30. Please come and join us for lunch and a variety of programs.

Lastly, to those of you who request robocall messages: The email address shown in the February edition of the Pride for submitting requests to Linda LaFerrera is incorrect. The correct email address is


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