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ROBOCALL -- 4/23/23

Hello Lions Head South… Here are your messages for this week… Please remember that all ticket sales are from 9:30-11:00…

From the Administrator’s Office: As previously announced, due to the continuing staff shortage, the office will be closed on Thursdays until further notice.

From Lee Bruzaitis: Join the fun at Prom Night on Saturday, April 29th, from 6-10pm. Tickets are $37 and include a buffet dinner, dessert and DJ for dancing. Non-resident guests are welcome. Please contact Lee with any questions.

From Marge Kennedy: Tickets for the Country Club free membership raffle and 20/20 tickets will be sold tomorrow morning in the clubhouse.

From Bob Pedersen: Tickets, at $5 each, will continue to be sold tomorrow morning for the 2023 Mega 50/50 Raffle.

From the Security Committee: There have been several issues regarding cars that are parked too close to resident mailboxes. The United States Post Office regulations state that you will not receive your mail if a car is blocking or parking too close to a mailbox. The truck requires enough room to pull in toward your mailbox and pull away without backing up. Please be considerate, and do not park too close to any mailbox in the community.

From the Architectural Committee: Effective immediately, all permits issued by the Architectural Committee will expire by the end of the calendar year. Beginning January 2024, all issued permits will also expire at the end of the calendar year. Also, the Architectural Committee will begin their semiannual inspections of the community properties beginning next month, May 2023.

Thank you for listening, everyone, and have a very pleasant evening.


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Hello Lions Head South… Here are your messages for this week. Please note that ticket sales are from 9:30 – 11;00 tomorrow morning in the clubhouse. Please check the website and the bulletin boards

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