ROBOCALL - 6/12/22

There are a few messages from The Board of Trustees: First, the Board of Trustees would like to thank the 40th Anniversary Committee for all the hard work that was done for this celebration. It was a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our friends and neighbors and just relax. Next, a reminder that there is a residents meeting tomorrow, June 13th at 7pm in the clubhouse. Plan to attend so you are up to date with what is happening in Lions Head South. Also, surveying of common ground property lines continues. The surveyors will be leaving stakes in the rear yards. Please do not remove them. The maintenance staff will be replacing them with more permanent markers shortly. And last, please remember to return your pink information sheets that were distributed in the Pride by the end of this month.

From Clara Ciuffo-Clarke: The Women's Club will be meeting on Wednesday, June 15th at 12 noon in the Lions Den. We will have a SURPRISE CHEF coming to demonstrate the preparation of a meal, AND bring a surprise luncheon as well, compliments of Shorrock Nursing Homes. If you have any food restrictions, please bring your own lunch. Dessert, coffee and tea will be provided.

From Lucy Hubert: The movie “Where Hope Grows”, will be shown on Sunday, June 19th at 2PM in the Lions Den. It is the touching story of a depressed former ball player who finds inspiration and friendship in an unlikely place. Also, we are proud to announce the acquisition of more comfortable chairs!

From Roberta Marvel: The Social Committee will be sponsoring the “Bob Scott Game Show” event on July 9th from 6-10PM. Tickets, which include water, coffee, tea and dessert, are $25 and will be sold beginning tomorrow morning in the clubhouse. Check out the Lions Head South website for more details.

From Don Antonelli: The Men’s Club will be selling Mega 50/50 Raffle tickets tomorrow morning in the clubhouse from 9:30-11:00.

Thank you for listening, everyone, and remember that June 14th is Flag Day, another perfect day to fly our nation’s colors.


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Please remember that all ticket sales are from 9:30-11:00. From the Board of Trustees: Distribution of Maintenance coupons and envelopes will take place in the clubhouse library from 10-11am on the f