This is a special message from the Board of Trustees. As you probably know, the Robocall system has been down since last Sunday. The company that runs our system is internet-based and all of their servers and equipment were affected.

As you can tell, we are happy to report that their repairs have been completed and they are back up and running.

Consequently, since all but one of last Sunday's messages regarding Monday morning ticket sales, those messages will be included in this Sunday's Robocall.

The following message, however, pertains to this Sunday afternoon movie, and is repeated now: From Lucy Hubert, the movie "Slap Shot", starring Paul Newman and the very funny Hanson brothers will be shown on sunday August 7th in the Lions Den at 2:00 p.m. It is ice hockey at its funniest.


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Please remember that all ticket sales are from 9:30-11:00. From the Board of Trustees: Distribution of Maintenance coupons and envelopes will take place in the clubhouse library from 10-11am on the f