ROBOCALL - Week of 1/31/22

From the Board of Trustees: In evaluating the current covid infection rate, the Board of Trustees has decided to keep the clubhouse closed through next week. More information will be provided on next week’s robocall. All signs are pointing to declining covid cases and we are hopeful this will allow us to return to a more normal use of the clubhouse.

Standing Committees are an exception to this restriction. The Trustees have decided to allow them to begin meeting in the Lion’s Den during the month of February as long as social distancing, masks and sign-in procedures are followed. If you are a member of a Standing Committee, please contact your chairperson if you have any questions concerning meetings.

On January 25th, 30 people came to the clubhouse for covid testing. A special thanks to Tom Behrens, the office staff and the Security Committee for helping with the traffic flow. Additional testing dates may be discussed if there is continued interest.

The Trustees met with Verizon Fios representatives to discuss next steps in signing up interested customers. Dates will be confirmed shortly. Individual meetings will be scheduled at the clubhouse in mid-February. Information will be forwarded to the community once finalized. Saturday meetings will also be available.

Thanks to everyone who took their cars off the streets and made it easier to plow during the Nor’easter. Hopefully the thaw at the end of the week will make most of this go away.

Stay safe, stay warm and drive carefully.

From The Lions Pride Editors: Articles for the March edition of the Pride are due by Thursday, February 3rd.

From Don Antonelli: The Men’s Club meeting that is printed on the Lions Pride calendar for February 2nd has been canceled. The next meeting will be March 2nd.


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