This is a special announcement from the Board of Trustees…

The LHS office has had several phone calls from residents concerning a Verizon representative knocking on doors after dark. He is wearing a Verizon cap and has a reflective vest and is trying to sign people up for the new Verizon Fios coverage. This has not been authorized by LHS. Within the next couple of weeks, we will be scheduling a community meeting with Verizon at the clubhouse in order to explain what plans will become available. Appointments can be made at that time.

Verizon has been notified that we do not want strangers knocking on the door, especially after dark, and to stop immediately. In the event someone does approach you, please do not let them in your house. Tell them you are not interested and that this is a non-soliciting community. Then call 911 to report the incident. You may also want to contact the LHS office about the incident.

The Board of Trustees is concerned about the safety of our residents and we want to assure you that this process was not agreed to with Verizon.

Also, as a reminder,vehicles cannot be parked on the lawn since this can cause damage to gas lines and sprinkler connections. When a snowstorm is expected, and vehicles must be off the road for plowing, extra vehicles can be parked temporarily in the LHS Clubhouse parking lot closest to the corner of the lot at Lions Head South Blvd.


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This is a special message from the Board of Trustees.... Due to scheduling issues with Verizon, the Clubhouse sign-ups have been canceled at this time. More information will follow as it becomes avai