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Addendum to President's Message

by Carol Powell (2/6/21)

     I know there are many among us who are anxious to know when our facilities will reopen and especially if the pool can be used this summer.  I wish I was writing to give you those answers but I still have not found my crystal ball.  However I do have some updates from our attorney that I wanted to share.

     The bad news is that from a legal standpoint nothing has changed.  The insurance industry is still refusing to cover clients for COVID related claims.   Although for the most part these claims are next to impossible to prove, we would still have to bear the substantial cost of defending them.  However, there have been very few cases nationwide of COVID related legal actions, probably due to the almost impossible problem of proving where someone actually contacted the disease when it is rampant throughout the world.  Then there is availability of testing and most importantly the vaccine that we are all praying will prove to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

     The bottom line is that we need to wait a little longer before making any decisions.  We need to evaluate what happens over the next month or two to be safe.  The likelihood is that we will be able to open at least some activities, including limited access to both the pool and the clubhouse but obviously I cannot make any commitment.

Any opening will require strict adherence to all Federal and State COVID regulations.  Failure to do so could lead to another complete shut down.   

     So, as you can see these are difficult decisions and as always the Board’s first concern is the safety of all of our residents but we wanted you to know that these topics are being addressed and we are doing our best to arrive at decisions that take into consideration everyone’s best interests.

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