President's Message - May, 2021

Happy May to all.  Here’s hoping this message finds everyone well and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  What a great time to walk around our beautiful community, meet new neighbors and visit with old friends.  Even with COVID we can still visit outdoors, of course keeping proper social distancing.

For those of you who have resided here for awhile you may recall that traditionally at our January meeting we publicly thank our outgoing committee Chairs and Board Members and present them with a card and a token thank you.  Since we still have not been able to hold regular resident meetings the Board elected to have a Trustee visit each person on that list to thank them in person.  They will be missed in their respective positions but several have elected to help in other ways so we are appreciative of their continued involvement.

We have had multiple requests from groups such as the dancers and book club participants to use the clubhouse.  At this time the Lions Den is open only to Committees who are conducting Lions Head South business.  They are for the most part small groups and the tables are set up to ensure social distancing.  All other COVID preventions measures are strictly followed and the room is appropriately cleaned between each use.  

Residents often contact me with questions and I welcome those calls.  I am getting to speak with people I have never met before and that’s, at least in my mind, most often a good thing.  However, I did receive one very troubling call this past month.  As you may have noticed we have a very visible group of people who are obviously under 55 years of age residing here.  Many have been forced to return to their parent’s homes due to job loss from COVID closures and other personal occurrences that are between families.  Our Bylaws do permit a child over the age of 18 to reside with parents.  We are all concerned with security but if you feel you must approach a young person to ask why they are here, please  do so with the same respect you would expect to be given in return.  They are part of our Lions Head South family.

Last, but far from least, we have all received preliminary information from the Bylaws committee regarding a Tort Amendment to our Bylaws.  I cannot stress enough the need to vote on this subject.  Please read everything carefully, feel free to contact a Board member if you have any questions and VOTE.

With my usual reminder, “we are all in this together”, stay safe and stay well.