Vice-President's Message - June, 2021

Happy June — how did this happen so fast!

Besides the rain, Spring has given us such wonderful weather, along with the fragrances of flowers, blooms and cut grass. Even with COVID, it is a special time of the year.

The Governor continues to “tease” us with attempts to restart the economy. (Possibly this has already happened by the time you are reading this update.)  The Board of Trustees is hopeful that we will be able to announce continuing opening efforts that will bring us back to “normal”, or should we say, the “new normal”!  Our update information will be made available through the Lion’s Pride, the Lions Head South website (, or the weekly ROBO calls.  We also plan to have another outdoor meeting on Monday, June 7, 2021 at 2 pm in the Fitness Center Parking lot.  And yes, please bring your own chairs. There will be an opportunity to ask questions if there is still information that is needed.

Last month, LHS President Carol Powell reminded us that we have a visible group of people who are obviously under 55 years of age, residing in the community with family.  In order for them to use any of the facilities, it is important that the office is aware of their residence here.  Please remember to update the office so that we have an accurate listing of all residents living here.

We are still looking for Chairpersons for two committees - Security and Nominating. Both are important committees that help make this such a wonderful community. We are hoping to move forward with additional security features at the entrances, but there Is still much planning and decision making that needs to be made.  As for Nominating, there are four trustee terms that will end in December; work should begin on the election now. Consider giving back to LHS and volunteer your time.

Shuffleboard and Bocci activities have resumed.  We are hopeful that additional activities will open soon as well. This has been a difficult 16 months for everyone.  For sure, there is no manual or rule book available to tell us how to handle all of these COVID issues.  Hopefully with your help and support, we will finally be able to start anew.

See you on June 7, 2021, at 2 pm. Be safe!

Barbara Skelly, Vice-President, LHSA