President's Message - October 2021

     Autumn leaves, apple picking, apple cider donuts, Halloween, I bet you can add more to that list. What a fun month!

     In recent weeks we have once again experienced residents having questions or complaints and apparently not being sure how to handle them. We are well aware that there are a large number of new residents in the community and sometimes even for us “oldies” a review of procedure is a good thing. On weekdays the office is open from approximately 8 am until 1 pm. Staff in the office are knowledgeable about most of what is happening in our community and if they don’t have the answers they certainly know where to refer you. When the office is not open, the Committee Chair for the applicable area of concern will always try to help. All Board members are willing and able to respond to your concerns. It’s part of the job. None of us can respond appropriately to social media, please just call.

     Written requests are welcome and always a good way to go. Letters from residents become a part of their permanent file after the question/problem has been addressed and thus are always available for future reference. However, an unsigned letter cannot be addressed as we have no point of contact. Unsigned letters are discarded. Mail letters to the office or drop them off when the office is open. Please do not place in the receptacle for maintenance deposits.

     Since we are addressing communication, now might be a good time to note that gossip, especially when directed at individual(s), can be damaging, not only to the people involved but to the entire community. Please think before you speak. If what you are about to say is something you would not want someone to say about you, then don’t say it.

     I know I repeat myself in these messages frequently but I cannot emphasize often enough the value of the many volunteers who make Lions Head South the wonderful community that it is. Along with the Bylaws, they are a valuable source of information for all of us. Familiarizing yourself with the content of the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations as well as the Architectural Rules and Regulations will prevent problems when you want to proceed with outdoor renovations or updates to your property. These regulations allow us to ensure that everyone residing here is comfortable with their surroundings and that the community presents as beautifully as it always has.


     Once again, my personal thanks to all of the volunteers who work so hard. As always, stay safe and most importantly, stay well.