President's Message        October, 2020

Another month has passed and hopefully we are on the road toward normalcy.  The Board has opened outdoor recreation activities with conditions. Please contact the new recreation chairman Bill Hamaydi for information as to those activities.   Our thanks to him for taking over as recreation chairman.  I also want to express my appreciation to the members of the garden club.  They have been doing a phenomenal job throughout the community even with the restrictions in place.                                                               The Board has been holding meetings outside near the pool area and we are trying our best to keep this association running as smoothly as possible.  We will be holding these outdoor meetings as long as weather permits.  You may attend these meetings and if you have a concern to bring before the Board, contact the office and if appropriate you will be placed on the agenda.   These meetings will be announced with the weekly robo call and you are welcome to attend and observe only unless you are on the agenda.                                                          Even though the clubhouse and pool have been closed it does not mean that we do not have to fulfill contracts and pay our bills.   The office staff has been performing well and the maintenance crew have been kept busy maintaining the property.  The Board had a limited residents meeting a few weeks ago and we assured those who chose to attend that our concern is and will always be for the health issues of our entire community.   You elected us to represent you and we are doing our best to live up to your overall expectations.                                                                          That being said, the question has been raised about on site voting.   The Board feels it is unwise at this time to open the clubhouse to outsiders.  The potential for endangering our residents is too great and we will not put you at risk. The election board has been informed and it is up to them to provide a venue for you to vote.  I recommend you apply for a mail-in ballot fill it out and send back early.                                                                            As the covid19 situation improves, we will certainly readdress our options for reopening things in the community.  So stay safe and follow the guidelines set out for your protection.  We will all  get through this.