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Presidents Message
October 2022

Welcome Fall! Some people think that this is the best time of the year, and I am one of them! This is the perfect time for us to explore the shore area since the crowds have thinned out and it is time for the locals to enjoy the weather and activities – thus the name “local summer”.

Our Community continues to enjoy the weather and activities as well. This past month we celebrated with an End of the Year Party at the pool and a Fun Day at the Golf Course. Some of the Clubs have started meeting again and I guess some of us have even started our Christmas shopping! Whether it is swimming, golfing, eating, or shopping, there is always something interesting to do.

Your Board of Trustees continues to prepare and plan for the future. By the end of the year, we expect to have our Rules and Regulations and Architectural Guidelines updated and approved for the Community. Instead of meeting 2 times a month, we met an extra day each month in order to complete this project on time. Each of the committees have also been asked for input and they have had an active part in bringing our guidelines current.

The Trustees have also had our first face-to-face meeting with the Engineering Company that will be working with us concerning the pool replacement. Preliminary drawings were reviewed, and recommended changes and ideas were discussed. Once we have a more definitive plan with cost estimates, a meeting will be planned with the Community. Obviously, this expenditure will need to be approved by the Community and we plan to make everyone aware of the planning and issues at hand.

In addition, by the time that you read this column, the special tree planting on some properties on Yorkwood and Ashford may also be completed. Although it will take many years for these trees to mature, we know we are headed in the right direction by getting them in the ground.

An additional project that is planned for this fall is a Fall Cleaning Week. Our plan is to go through the RV shed, the attic and the storage room behind the stage and eliminate those things that are no longer usable or required. We actually found some records that go back to the 1990’s. I doubt very much that we need to maintain files that are this old, but we plan to evaluate everything and get ourselves better organized for the next 40 years.

On October 10, Candidate’s Night will be held at the Clubhouse. This is the Community’s opportunity to meet the Candidates who have volunteered to run for the 4 open Trustee positions. Once this evening is over, ballots will be mailed to all qualified residents of Lions Head South. Plan to come out and meet the Candidates and make yourself heard by casting your ballot.

As we get into the Fall months, it is important to remind our residents NOT to feed the wildlife. This includes squirrels, deer, and maybe even a fox or too. Unfortunately, individual homeowners have had issues with these animals – particularly with squirrels, who get very used to this banquet of unsourced food and have decided to stay close by building nests in attics. This can be a very expensive learning experience for a homeowner. Please consider your neighbors since we certainly cannot anticipate where these animals may go and the amount of damage they can do. Yes, I agree, they are very cute, but we need to remember that they can be very expensive to us as well.

A busy month awaits us – apple picking, pumpkin carving, corn mazes as well as sunflower fields. This is a perfect time to enjoy the weather before we must start hibernating for the Winter. Check the calendar for some brand-new activities and adventures. Or visit the library to continue your adventures in your living room.

And so, it goes – life is what you make it. Happy Halloween, enjoy your new Mum plants and remember to vote in the Trustee election!