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President's Message
May 2022

Well it certainly looks like Spring outside. The days are getting longer and warmer and we are all able to emerge from our cocoons of Winter. Time to get out there and explore this wonderful Community. It is so good to see that all of our Committees are fully functioning. We have many new people who have stepped forward in order to help organize the activities of the LHS. There always a need for more for Volunteers. In fact, both the Website and Nominating Committees are looking for additional members. Check your calendars to see if you can fit an additional meeting into your busy schedule. The pay is exceptional – besides, coffee or tea, there is also an opportunity to meet new people in the Community. Speaking of New People, The Welcoming Committee scheduled the first Welcome for New Residents in April. At these meetings, you are able to meet the Trustees, the Committee Chairs as well as many of the Committee members. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how this Community functions, as well as who are some of the people who make it all happen. If you were not able to attend this meeting, another one will be scheduled in October. Let the office know that you are interested in attending in the Fall – there is always room for more people to attend. Ticket sales continue to be strong for the 40th Anniversary Party scheduled for June 11, 2022. Since we can still sell tickets through mid-May, plan to visit the Clubhouse either Saturday morning or Monday morning from 9: 30 – 11:00 AM. The Party is for residents only but we will need an accurate count for the caterers. The Recreation Committee is busy working on all of the details to open the pool. Although there will not be any monitors this year, it is still important to know the rules concerning the use of the pool. In this month’s PRIDE, the hours, rules and special event days are identified, please mark your calendars now so you are free to attend. Unfortunately, as warm weather approaches, it also brings with it things that we would prefer not to deal with – yes, it is the same old story – GC-CB AND DP also know as – GARBAGE CANS – CIGARETTE BUTTS - DOG POOP. The Architectural Committee will be completing their walk-through during the next couple of weeks and will be making certain that all garbage cans are located in the garages. Cigarette Butts and Dog Poop policing is everyone’s responsibility. If you are a smoker, be respectful of your neighbors; pick up your butts and dispose of them at home. If you are a dog walker – do I really have to say anything? Lets keep this a wonderful Community for all! And we do this by being respectful of our neighbor’s property. And so it goes! Have a wonderful month. Enjoy the outdoors. Make use of the many activities that are available to you. And lastly, Happy Memorial Day – lets not forget the veterans who fought to allow us this freedom.