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Presidents Message
June 2023

“You get out of it what you put into it.”

That was said to me by the best coach I had as a teenager. It has always been true my entire life. That said, we the Board of Trustees, would like to thank each and every volunteer to our committee’s and clubs. It is you who are the Life’s Blood of Lions Head South.

The first step is to attend ACC and Resident Meetings. You’d be amazed at how nice the people in Lions Head are, and find out what is going on in YOUR community. You’ll also get a lot of information before it comes out in the Pride. You can also ask questions. If we don’t know the answer, we make it up. lol, I mean we’ll get you the information. Also, like any neighborly gathering, The Hospitality Committee will serve you coffee and cake. So please give it a try. Stop by the office or call to inquire and pick a committee or club where you can make a difference.

In other news, a rendering of the proposed pool will be displayed shortly in the clubhouse lobby. The pool is open, so enjoy!

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