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Social Committee


Lee Bruzaitis, Chair

Karen Angelo

Maureen Benesch

Chuck Florio

Sandy Hamaydi

Linda Parlock

Diane Steensen

Rose Szpara

Meetings (new date)

1st Tuesday 3:00PM

Next Meeting Feb. 7

A Message from the Social Chair
We Need Volunteers!

I am excited to take on the position of Social Committee Chair for the coming year and am looking forward to hosting lots of fun events. I love a good party!


Unfortunately, we have a very small committee and are looking for more volunteers to help us out. Please consider joining us! We plan to meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 3:00PM but we can be flexible if you can't make it then or are working and need an evening meeting.

First Event March 18

Our first event will be a Potluck International Tasting Night on March 18 so please save the date! We will announce more details here on the LHS website, on our social bulletin board and in robocalls. The deadline for the February Pride was too early to include anything.


We will be looking at hosting more frequent, smaller events without a dinner (and at a lower cost) so more people can participate. But don’t worry if you like the dinner dances, we’ll still have a few of those also. If you have any ideas for themes, please contact me or you can leave your suggestion on our Social bulletin board in the clubhouse.


You may contact me at or leave a note for me at the office.

Social News & Upcoming Events

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