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LHS Trustee - 2023

Barbara Skelly

Barbara Skelly


I am currently President of LHS. This is my 3rd year as a Trustee and also served as Vice President and Secretary during the last two years. I moved into Lions Head South in 2007 when I was still working a full time job “over the bridge”. I am very happy that I no longer have to make that commute.

Having only been here a couple of months, my neighbor invited me to join Singles. Three years later, I was President and continued in that position for most of the additional years until the Club dissolved in 2019. It was not an easy decision to stop meeting since so many friendships developed during that time period. This also included many happy luncheons; there was always plenty of food and lots of fun.

While working, I also had the opportunity to join the Community Awareness Committee. Getting to know more about Brick and the many things available to residents identified a new list of local activities to be enjoyed.

One thing that I have found in Ocean County is that everyone probably came from somewhere else. I am originally from Clifton and since I was seven, I spent lots of time at the Jersey Shore in the Lavallette area. Is it any wonder that I decided to make the shore my permanent home? I moved to Ocean County in 1972 when this area was very different and there was very little traffic on Hooper Avenue. But I always believed that the best part of the summer was “local summer” - September and October! And I still do!

Career wise, I have been an elementary school teacher, a Regional Human Resource Director for PAthmark Supermarkets ( when they were still around), I owned my own recruitment firm and for the last 17 years, worked for a Non- Profit Tissue Bank. I have always felt comfortable in trying new things and have not been afraid to ignore the

mentality of that’s the way we have always done it before. I hope this never changes.

I love to read. I probably read 3 — 4 books a month. My participation in two LHS book clubs has shown me that I really enjoy historical fiction books; The Rose Code by Quinn is an excellent example. But give me a well written mystery and I can’t put the book down. I love to travel but COVID seems to have put that on hold. I have an exciting trip planned for 2024. Maybe it will happen yet! I still have plans to play golf. Maybe this will be the year?

I have made Lions Head South my home and I hope you feel the same way. You will see me in the neighborhood in my black Equinox, license plate “GRAFOX”. Wave me down if you see me, I enjoy meeting new people. Hope to see and meet you at a future Resident Meeting. Have a great year!

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