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LHS Trustee - 2023

John Castellano

John Castellano

Asst. to the Treasurer

I Have been living at Lions Head South for the past 13 years. During your lifetime you do something totally right and for my wife Marie and I it was moving to our beautiful house in this great community. When we first moved here, we were the new young people. The adage that time fly’s when you're having fun is so true in our community. There are so many wonderful people and programs offered. My wife andl are still involved in all the clubs and travel programs that the committee's set up for residents.

After meeting with many of the original residents, they urged me to get involved in community affairs and run for the Board of Trustees. I listened and joined the Buildings and Grounds committee. We had an excellent group and were able to set up many programs for the benefit of the community. Moving forward I ran for the Board of Trustee's and was elected. I have been a member of the Board of Trustee's since that election. I must be doing something right.

Life has been full of wonderful things which has helped me contribute to Lions Head South. I had a distinguished career with the Fire Service, joining as a rookie and being promoted to Fire Chief, a job Ithink is the best in the world.

I am a graduate of John Jay College and have held many positions in government service. The highlight of my career and one thatI am most proud of is being chosen by congress to review grant requests for fire and emergency departments. This program was set up after 911 to make sure first responders had the right equipment to do the job. There were only 98 chiefs from across the country chosen and I was elated to have been selected. During this time frame it was also a proud moment to meet with the Vice President of this great country.

My time in our community is just fantastic and I urge all to get involved so that our association can continue to serve everyone living in Lions Head South.

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