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LHS Trustee - 2024

Tom Behrens

Tom Behrens

Assistant Treasurer

I’m originally from NY. The son of Dorothy and Charles Behrens former 1982 original residents of my current home. I was raised along the waters of Long Island sound as a kid.

I was a junk collecting kid (still haven’t changed), if it didn’t work, I had to fix it. I cleaned gutters, pulled weeds, cut grass, and fixed stuff for the neighbors. As far back as I can go, the family always had their own businesses. After 8 years of private school, and college bound I headed to the natural path of business. Three years later I was on my way to obtain an Engineering degree. Several years later I started my 32+ year career as a government engineer, and special project manager.

When I retired, and still living in NY, I joined both the Buildings and Grounds and the Architectural committee. This was my test to see if LHS was for me. A year after moving here I was chairman of Buildings of Grounds. I later ran for a trustee position, whose 2-year term ends this year. I still clean gutters, pull weeds, cut grass, and fix stuff for neighbors…. Just slower. Want to know more just ask.

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