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Here is a list of all the activities from the different groups and clubs in LHS that are
planned for 2019.  These may change, so please check the bulletin boards for the latest information.  Most Committee and Club meetings are open, so if you think you might be interested in joining them, why not attend and decide if one of them might spark an interest.

M - Men's Club     L - Lionettes S - Singles           So - Social

G - Golf/WGA      CC - Country Club                    R - Recreation

T - Travel             S - Singles   


Week 9 results



The season is progressing with improvements in some of the bowlers scores.  Week 9  was no exception.

Here are some of the good scores from last week.

Cherie Parker had a game for this season.  She bowled almost 100 pins over average with a 210 game.  WOW!

Janet Bazaz  145, Tino Yodice  237, Dennis Grasso 48,  Bill Leck  208, Jim Clarke  189, Wayne Parker 199. Marie Millitillo 157, Christine Schmidt 156,  Peter Brennan 225,

Out in front of the league is Pick Me Up by 6 points.

The high average is Dennis Grasso with a 208 average and for the ladies we have Deb Tristam with a 170 average.   

The high game for the men year is a 248 by Dennis Grasso.

For the ladies high game Deb Tristam takes the honor with a 212.           We have a new bowler on week 8 by the name of Ben DeVeneto,

Welcome to the league.

YOGA for LHS 2019

Cost $5.00 Drop In

Call 848-459-4255 for more information

Use mat or a chair

Members: Pam Raso, Debbie Holzherr, Lucy Hubert, Katie Ahearn, Maureen Benesch, Pat Ross, Sue Bohus, Marge Grabis.  Missing from photo:

Angela Trivilas

Sunday Movie Matinee

A movie matinee is shown every other Sunday in the Clubhouse.  Check bulletin boards for the latest feature.