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Candidate Statement

Kathleen Wright

Kathleen Wright

I, Kathleen Wright, am seeking your vote of approval to allow me to continue to serve on the Board of Trustees for the next two years. I have a history as a member of the Board during my 18 years as a resident of LHS and have served as Vice President, Secretary and assisted on the Personnel Committee. I have continued to be involved in our community, and I feel led to continue to play an integral part in overseeing the LHS Association, and helping to guide our future community endeavors. I have a little knowledge of a lot of things, and often act as ‘the voice of reason.’

Personal Profile Outlining Your Qualifications – including community

involvement, business and professional experience, and other relevant facts:

Bill and I moved to New Jersey 30 years ago—we started our life together as college students in California. LHS has been my home since March of 2005. In an attempt to make friends, I joined the Lionettes, and in 2006 acted as President for 4 years. After more than 10 years as Editor of the Pride, I’m continuing on as a member of the Editorial Review Board. During my years as editor, we moved from running our own business ads and supporting printing costs, etc., to joining Senior Publishing, the current publishers.

Besides raising a family, I was employed as a Dental Office Manager, and have always been active as a volunteer. One of my passions is singing in a large competitive, women’s barbershop chorus in Freehold, NJ. I have held several leadership roles both in chorus and regionally, and we continued to progress even during the pandemic.

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