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How is snow removal/plowing/sidewalk clearing handled?

LHS provides snow removal from sidewalks leading to the living units, the driveways, the sidewalks, and the Clubhouse parking lot when the depth of the snow is four (4) or more inches.  (Snow depth shall be determined by the official snow fall amount as recorded by Weather Works.)


Snow removal shall begin within two (2) hours after the snow stops falling, and Brick Township plows have cleared the LHS streets curb to curb or mailbox to mailbox. Snow removal shall be completed within twenty-four (24) after the snow stops falling unless conditions render it impossible.


Residential Property: Snow removal shall include driveways, areas in front of the garage doors, front walks, all cement areas leading to all front entrances of homes including the walks inside the entrance gates of the Marlowe model homes and the front doorstep entrance, fire hydrants, mailboxes and the RV area.


Residents are responsible for ice on the driveways and walks of their homes.

As we approach another winter season, we again find it necessary to clarify who qualifies for the Priority Snow Removal list for 2023-2024 winter season. A new request is required every season.
For those who qualify, please submit your request to assure that you will be placed on the priority list. To qualify, a resident must require regular life-sustaining medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or dialysis in or outside the home.

A “heart condition” does not qualify. Your request must be accompanied by a physician script/note which specifies that life-sustaining treatment for any of the conditions outlined above is necessary. Hand written notes are unacceptable. All information will be kept by the administrator and will be confidential.

Your need to go to work does not qualify for priority snow removal. For this purpose, we suggest you make advance arrangements with a private contractor for snow removal.

The township will cooperate by plowing our roads so that our contractor can begin work. Of course, the town will continue to respond to any serious problems during storms.


Please be sure to keep on hand extra supplies of medications and food, so there is no need to leave the house during, or immediately after a snowstorm. The weather predications generally provide ample warning time for making preparations.

For convenience purposes, your doctor may fax this information to our office. Our fax number is 732-920-2650. Please be assured this information will be kept strictly confidential.


Placement on the Priority Snow List cannot be accomplished until we 
receive the necessary documentation from your physician.

Please respond as soon as possible as the winter season will be here soon.

What work needs to be approved by the Architectural Committee?

Any work you are planning to have done to the exterior of your home needs approval.  For directions and related forms go here.

What are the "Common Areas" in Lions Head South

Who is responsible for trimming/removing trees?

The Association addresses the need in Common Areas.  Home owners are responsible for Green Areas.  See page 12 in the LHS Policies, Rules & Regulations for more details.

How do I join a club or committee?

You can call the Administrative Office and ask to speak with Karen during regular office hours (M-F 8:00am - 1:30pm). Karen's phone number is 732-920-6955.  You may also call the committee chairperson. Their phone number is listed in the Resident Directory.

How do I access the Fitness Center?

To be able to use the Fitness Center you must complete and sign the Fitness Center Waiver & Release Agreement and submit it to the office. The office will then activate your fob allowing access to the Fitness Center.

Who do I call to report a power outage?

To report a power outage call JCP & L at 1-888-LIGHTSS

The street light in front of my house is not working.  Who do I need to call? (updated 3/23/21)

Write down the number from the light pole and call JCP & L Customer Service at (800) 662-3115.  

How can I obtain a beach badge for Brick beaches?

Badges and parking passes can be purchased at the Recreation Department Office located at the CIVIC Plaza,  270 Chambers Bridge Rd., Brick.

The Recreation Department office is open Monday through Friday – 7:30am to 4:00pm.

Residents ages 65 and over by 9/1/21 and veterans are eligible to receive a free daily wristband for the beaches with a valid ID. Senior season parking passes are $15.

Who do I call if my lawn was missed during the scheduled cutting?

Residents should call Turf Masters directly at (732) 349-0444 to resolve any issues.

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