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These Committees have delegated responsibilities for Association tasks.


They report monthly to the Board of Trustees.

Activities Coordinating Council 



Serves as an advisory, coordination and planning body for all social, recreational, cultural and educational committees.


Seated left to right: Mary Nagel and Laura Jacquin-Trustee Liaison

Standing left to right: Mary Ellen Klotz, Kathy Fagan, and Peggy Comfort




This committee shall review all applications for all exterior additions or alterations, including lawn installations. 

Left to right Rod Stevens, Bob Mathiasen, Sue Liszner, Elaine Long, Stephen Scaturro,

Fred Scerbo, John Constantino, Tom Behrens, Richard Aubin, and David Arechiga.  2019 Trustee Liaison is R. Rizzolo


Buildings & Grounds

Oversees interior and exterior maintenance

of common areas and living units.

Chairperson: Tom Behrens - John Castellano-Trustee Liaison

Seated Left to right: Linda Runge, John Iurato, Irene Nolan, Tom Behrens, Diane Kraft, Mardell Halm, and John Constantino.

Standing left to right: Bob Mathiasen, Cherie Parker and Bill Hamaydi.



This committee reviews LHS ByLaws, Rules & Regulations, policies and procedures, recommending changes to the Board of Trustees and residents.

Chairperson:  TBD

Clubhouse Committee

In cooperation with the Administrator and Activities Coordinator, this committee shall assume the responsibility of assisting the Board of Trustees in the management and operation of the Clubhouse and its interior facilities.  2019 Trustee Liaison is C. Powell


Community Awareness 


Community Awareness is an information-gathering and reporting committee. It keeps residents informed about issues and activities outside Lions Head South.  It provides literature regarding resources available to seniors in the First Aid room and invites speakers to resident meetings. The committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday at 11:00 AM


Chairperson - Barbara Skelly; Carol Powell, Trustee Liaison


Country Club

The Directors of the Country Club shall  carry out such duties as may be required to operate and maintain the LHCC, including, but ot limited to, the 9 hole golf course, parking area, building furnishings, sprinkler sysyem and all equipment in an efficient manner.


Jim Mort, President, Directors Dennis Raftery, Joe Bill, Lee Scaturro, Treasurer Pete Manco, Membership, Muriel Mills, Secretary, Bea Scanlon, Advisor, Brian Halm and Trustee Liaison Chuck Florio

Finance and Insurance 


Assists in preparation of annual budget; insures maintenance of financial records; assists in annual review and update of liability and casualty insurance coverage; assists in overseeing investment programs.

Pictured left to right seated; Joan Sudnik, Dennis Gregory, Joyce Speziale.

Standing, left to right; Chuck Florio, Pat Salerno, Jan Rizzolo,

Ceil Reinhardt,  John Cinosky.

Missing are Peter Brennan, Sue Wiss, Al Harrison

Chairperson: - Dennis Gregory; John Cinosky, Trustee Liaison

2019 picture pending



Solicits and submits candidates for Board of Trustee vacancies.

Meetings are held the third Monday of the month at 11:00 AM.  Carol Contini is the Chairperson.  2019 Trustee Liaison is John Cinosky.        


Important dates to remember for the Trustee election: 9/24 - Candidate packages must be returned to LHS office by 12:00 noon; 10/14 - Candidate night @ 7:00 pm; 11/25 - Absentee ballots must be turned in to LHS office by 1:00 pm; 11/26 - ELECTION


The Recreation Committee oversees all indoor and outdoor activities, including pool, tennis courts, bocce, shuffleboard, and horseshoe pits

2019 Trustee Liaison is R. Rizzolo




Develops and puts into operation the appropriate programs for the safety of Lions Head South. Neighborhood Watch is an integral part of the security program.  If you SEE something, SAY something!!  Call 732-262-1100 immediately.  Do NOT call 911.  That is for emergencies only. The Committee meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM in the Clubhouse.  Bill Powell is Chairperson.  2019 Trustee Liaison is C. Florio


Emergency Management 

A sub committee of Security, this committee meets 3rd Tuesday at 11:00.  It brings information to the residents in the event of a natural disaster.  There is a list available for anyone wanting to go to a shelter for themselves as well as their animals.  Our clubhouse will only be open to give out information.  


Pictured are Judy Conway, Marge Grabis and Trustee Liaison Laura Jacquin.

2019 picture pending

Website Committee

Committee meets once a month to maintain the website.


Currently the meetings are held the 1st Thursday of each month @ 11:00 am in the Clubhouse.


Left to right; Peter Brennan, Donna Iversen, Chairperson, Kathy Fagan, Bea Scanlon, Sue Mills, Gail Levenelm, Laura Jacquin, Trustee Liaison