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Brick Senior Outreach Services and Senior Center on Adamston Road, along with the Brick Police Department, have a program called Project Ice Box Medical Alert.  It is a magnetic folder that sticks to your refrigerator and should contain all of your important medical information, family names and numbers, and all your prescriptions.



Marge Grabis

LHS Emergency Management Committee was formed after hurricane Sandy.  We felt that our residents deserved to know what do do and where to get help during an emergency.  The following guideline and evacuation information is important for all of us to know.  Even though we would notify and provide information during an actual emergency, we felt it prudent to remind residents of our process.  We also plan to feature a speaker from the Brick C.E.R.T at our March 9, 2020 Resident Meeting at 7:00 PM.  Please try to attend.

If you have questions, call 800-662-3115.

This form must be printed, completed by your Doctor, and returned to JCP&L.  They will notify you of your approval.  Forms available at LHS office or through Security Committee.