If our Security vehicles notice any garage doors open after 10:00 PM, they will call you.  Sometimes we as homeowners forget to check them.  

Brick Senior Outreach Services and Senior Center on Adamston Road, along with the Brick Police Department, have a program called Project Ice Box Medical Alert.  It is a magnetic folder that sticks to your refrigerator and should contain all of your important medical information, family names and numbers, and all your prescriptions.


At a recent Emergency Management Meeting, the Committee wants to bring to your attention that Jersey Central Power & Light has a program in place for residents needing special assistance during a prolonged power outage. There is an application form that needs to be completed by your Physician and returned to JCP&L.  Once this form is completed and returned, you will be notified that you are enrolled in the Critical Customer Care Program.  This program is designed to assist customers who rely on certain electrically operated medical equipment.  


If you have questions, call 800-662-3115.

Please note:  There will be NO absentee ballots available for this vote.  The vote is to give the Board of Trustees an idea of what the community wants to do about the Security issue.  We need your "Opinion".  Please vote on 11/26 from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.  One vote per household.