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Country Club

This committee carries out duties required to operate and maintain the Lions Head County Club, including, but not limited to, the nine-hole golf course.

Committee members (2024)

  • Robert Jani, President
  • Bob Corbyons, Vice President
  • Bill Begley, Director
  • Ken Rott, Director
  • Pat Whyte, Director
  • Marjorie Kennedy, Treasurer
  • Leah Minnitti, Recorder
  • Muriel Mills, Membership
  • Peg Comfort, Trustee Liason
  • Marcene Talty, Starters
  • Jack Cummings, Scrambles/B & G Represtative
  • Sue Wiss, WGA
  • Phil DeCarlo, Overall Guidance
  • Tony Bruzaitis, Technology
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