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Garden Club 

Committee (2023)

Clare Mathiasen
Sharon Newton
Judy Murray
Janet Mickelsen
Sandy Laurie
Christine Kovaly
Jeannine Hogan
Debbie Gehringer
Carmela Ferraro
Carol Farley
Cindy Eicher
Annette DiGirolamo
Susan D'Onifrio
Mary Cummings
Lucy Coburn
Diane Chapin
Ann Cinosky
Lee Bruzaitis
Murv Boylan
Garden Club 2023_edited.jpg

Bottom Row: 

Annette DiGiralolamo, Carol Farley, Carmella Ferraro

Second Row:

Clare Mathiasen, Sandy Laurie, Sharon Newton, Mary Cummings

Third Row: 

Debbie Gehringer, Lucy Coburn, Janet Mickelsen, Diane Chapin

Fourth Row: 

Murv Boylan, Judy Murray, Ann Cinosky


Missing from photo:  Lee Bruzaitis, Joyce DiGuglielmo, Cindy Eicher, Jeannine Hogan, Christine Kovaly

Garden Club Members 2023
Getting ready for the deer - Spring 2022

Fall displays - 2021

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