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Laura and Don

Laura and Don

Don, my two daughters and I would take a ride to see my In Laws at Lions Head North, and started to notice the building of homes across the street in Lions Head South. We decided to go over and take a look since our girls were now looking to marry and leave us with a home in Middletown. As we look at the models and both golfers, we knew there was something here for us. So, we signed up and after many weeks we got a letter saying they were putting in the last section and were having a lottery to pick lots. Both being golfers we wanted to be by the golf course. We were number 17 and got a lot behind the 4th Hole. Put the house up for sale which sold in a few days and that's where it all begins.

As we were still working, commuting was something we were not familiar with, but got used to it and 11 years later in December1997, l retired and Don retired in June 1998. l started playing golf and got the Ceramics room going and also enjoyed the Crocheting group. I got involved with the Country Club and for 8 years I did the bookkeeping for the then President Bob Sotelo. I became President of the Women's Golf Association and had several fundraisers such as sale of a cookbook comprised of recipes from our residents. I also was instrumental in procuring the Bingo system we have now with Mary Manieri and ran 2 to 3 bingos a year as fundraisers for the Country club. I ran many other fundraisers, but my fondest memories are the Breast Cancer events which raised $10,000 for Ocean Medical Center.

Next came Night golf at which time we purchased glow balls and played nine holes of golf in the dark. Well, we did start at dusk. All the holes were wrapped with glow bands and it turned out to be very welcoming. So, we had it for the second year. I was on a roll and then decided to run Las Vegas Nite. The equipment was there, made by residents of the past. It was a big job, getting all the workers, times scheduled selling tickets, it was well received so we did it for another year.

Thru the years I worked on all the committees and in 1995 become a Trustee. This was my goal and I enjoyed every day working with Trustees too many to name. Going back, I learned from the best, Grace Robertson, Jane La Duke and Joan Leather. These ladies were my mentor. But alas and alack, age has caught up to me and after 6 years as Trustee it is finally time to retire.

Don was instrumental in working with the Country Club and encouraging me in whatever I was doing. It has been 35 good years at Lions Head South. I wish all of you can have the same experiences we did and keep Lions Head South the beautiful community it was for us.

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