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ROBOCALL 11-5-23

Hello Lions Head South… Here are your messages for this week. Please note that ticket sales are from 9:30 – 11;00 tomorrow morning in the clubhouse. Please check the website and the bulletin boards in the clubhouse for additional details on any event.

From Bob Pedersen: Tickets at $38 each will be sold tomorrow morning for the last time for the Night at the Races Beefsteak Dinner to be held this Saturday, November 11th. Doors open at 5:30. Also, please reserve your place tomorrow morning for the Men’s Club Holiday Party to be held at the American Legion Post in Toms River on December 5th. Sign-up for this event will also be held next Saturday night at the Beefsteak Dinner for those who work. Tickets will also be sold tomorrow morning for the 2023 Mega 50/50 raffle.

From Carol Powell: A reminder that articles for the December issue of the Lions Pride are due to the Pride’s email address by tomorrow, November 6th. The email address is

Thank you for listening, everyone. We hope you remembered to turn your clocks back one hour last night and to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. We also hope that you will take the time to vote by Tuesday, November 7th, and to fly our country’s beautiful colors this Saturday, November 11th for Veterans Day. And as always, have a very pleasant evening.

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