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ROBOCALL 12-10-23

Hello Lions Head South…  Here are your messages for this week.  Please note that ticket sales are from 9:30 – 11;00 tomorrow morning in the clubhouse.  Please check the website and the bulletin boards in the clubhouse for additional details on any event.

From the Administrator’s Office:   Maintenance coupons will be given out in the clubhouse tomorrow morning from 10-11am.  You may pick up the coupons for a housebound neighbor.

From Lee Bruzaitis:  The Social Committee invites all residents to a New Years Eve Party on December 31st from 8pm until 12:30am.  Tickets at $5 each will be on sale tomorrow.

From Lucy Hubert:  The movie, “Evelyn”, starring Pierce Brosnan and Julianna Margolies will be shown on Sunday, December 17th at 2PM in the Lions Den.

From Deb Rodgers:  For those who are attending the Women’s Club luncheon on December 14th, please remember to bring your ticket with you, as we will be using them for a door prize.

From Dee Kropniewnicki:  For those who are going on the Lancaster trip on December 12th and 13th, please arrive at the clubhouse at 8am.  Tickets and the baggage tags that you will need to fill out will be distributed at that time.  The bus departs at 8:30.  Anyone who is leaving their vehicle in the clubhouse parking lot should notify the office with your name and license plate number.  Also, there will be no meeting for the Travel Committee on December 14th and no meeting in January 2024.

Thank you for listening, everyone.  We wish much joy and many blessings to our neighbors and friends who are celebrating Hanukkah and, as always, have a very pleasant evening.

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