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ROBOCALL for 5/5/24

Here are your messages for this week.

Hello Lions Head South… Here are your messages for this week.

From the Administrator’s Office: There is a lost and found box that can be found in the clubhouse lobby

closet. Items not retrieved will be discarded on the last day of the month.

Also, if you have lost or forgotten your key fob and the fitness center and clubhouse doors are closed and locked, please do not pull, push or bang on the doors. This is causing damage to the door frames and locking mechanisms

You are respectfully asked to remember to carry your fob with you.

The following tickets will be sold tomorrow morning in the clubhouse from 9:30-11:00:

-The Men’s Club will be selling Mega 50/50 raffle tickets at $5 each. They will also be selling tickets at $10 each for a May 11th Bingo and Pizza event. Doors open at noon. There will be a limited number of tickets sold at the door.

-The Lions Head Country Club will be selling 20/20 raffle tickets at $20 each (through May 27th )

-The Travel Committee will be collecting deposits for their three posted trips.

In prior news. See the bulletin board in the Club House.

Sign up continues for the Men’s Club Monmouth Park event. A full buffet and parking is included in the $70 ticket price. See the bulletin board for details.


The Men’s Golf League begins on May 9th at 9AM.

  • Cut-off for the Country Club May 14th Scramble is May 9th

  • There will be a Golf Clinic for men and women on June 3rd at 9AM.

  • The Country Club reminds residents to NOT dispose of dog waste bags in the sewers.

Thank you for listening, everyone. We hope you enjoyed a happy Cinco de Mayo today and, as always, have a very pleasant evening.


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