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Hello Lions Head South…  Please listen carefully to this special message from the Board of Trustees…

In anticipation of the forecast snow event that is due to occur overnight into tomorrow morning, please be advised of the following:

1.  All cars should be removed from the street and placed in either your own driveway or perhaps in a neighbor’s unused driveway if they allow you to do so.  You may not park your car on your front lawn, as this may incur damage to the sprinkler system.

2.  Cars may not be parked in any of the Lions Head South parking lots, including the clubhouse parking lot, the fitness center parking lot or the country club parking lot.

3.  Please remember that a total of 4 or more inches of snow must accumulate before Brick Township will plow our streets.  In the event that we do receive 4 or more inches of snow, Turfmasters will plow our driveways after Brick Township completes plowing the streets, so that snow is not plowed into your driveways again.  Clearing front sidewalks is the responsibility of the homeowner.


Thank you for listening, everyone.  Stay safe and, if possible, stay snuggled in your own homes tomorrow if you can.


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