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LHS Trustee - 2023

Peggy Comfort

Peggy Comfort


I am Peggy Comfort and this is my second year as a member of our Board of Trustees. Since moving here in 2012 I attended as many residents meeting as possible and always heard the call to volunteer. I started off as a member of the recreation committee as they met in the evening as I was still working it was a great opportunity to be involved. I also became an associate member of the Lions Head County Club (LHCC) and golfed for the first time in my life. All members of the LHCC were welcoming and offered much needed golfing tips.

Prior to moving to Lions Head South, I lived and worked in Monmouth County. Born and raised in Trenton, NJ upon graduation from high school, I worked for the State of New Jersey as a secretary. To put an end to the rumors, yes, I was a Sister of Mercy of New Jersey for over 20 years. During that time, I received a degree in Social Work while working in a high school as assistant to the principal. The years I spent working in a high school enriched my life as I witnessed students grow through their high school years and beyond. I am amazed at the countless number of former students reach out to me and continue to share their life’s journey.

My journey took me from working in the high school to working with homeless women and children. Twenty plus years working with homeless women and children was extremely rewarding as it taught me so much about those less fortunate than myself.

In April of 2020 my working career happily ended when I retired from my job as an Employment Counselor for Monmouth County Division of Employment and Training. Of course, my last day of work also turned out to be the last day anyone in my office reported to work in person as COVID 19 was among us. Between the combination of retiring and COVID 19 impacting us all, I had the opportunity to contemplate what I would do with all this new found time. In the back of my mind the need for volunteers right here at Lions Head South was ever present. I was asked to consider running for the Board of Trustees and I’ll be honest it took me a long time before picking up, filling in and returning the packet to take the first step needed to run for to a member of the Board of Trustees.

In January 2021 I officially became a member of our Board of Trustees and was Assistant Treasurer my first year and this year I am Secretary. Keeping with being honest, yes it takes many hours and much work but I know it was a great decision to join this hard-working group. I have learned so much about how our community works and that it wouldn’t work without volunteers. I encourage everyone reading this to seriously consider sharing your time and talents by volunteering any way you can.

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